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school hobby class proposal

The objective of this program is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and to inculcate skills such as design mind set, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.

  • 4 hours in a week.
  • 1 year MOU with program
  • 30 student per batch
  • Kit price extra 
  • Take away kit if students pay for it. (Kit content at bottom)


  • 30 Hours 
  • 60 Hours 
  • 90 Hours 
  • 120 Hours

Package includes all training material on our side and will be used during training sessions only. No other hidden charges from school or students

  1. Lab components and various robotics kits (Ask for component list)
  2. Lab design and development with all component setup (On discussion).


Note- Trainer for lab is completely monthly based with fix hours.

  • Costing for the above-mentioned plans can change on extra service. Hence final cost will be fixed in Meeting with school authority.

Robonist will start a team culture in school along with training. These teams shall participate in maximum robotics championship conducted by various organization on national and International. We will take the responsibility of the schools we provide training.

Schools needed to start Robotics kindly feel the form below and we will get back to you..


Robonist Makers Lab

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